Connecting hurting people
with hopeful results
in the digital age


Thousands of people are Googling hopeless phrases like “how to kill yourself”, “how to get a divorce”, “how to find a drug dealer”, or “how to rape” each month. What is Google saying?

The results that come up are staggering: “7 painless ways to kill yourself”, “How to find a drug dealer when you’re new in town”, ‘instructional’ YouTube videos. In their search, hurting people are met with hopeless results

Our goal is to purchase the world’s worst domains and redeem them for Jesus. To help people in their darkest moments find Jesus.


About us

We’re living in the digital age, where we can reach people whom we never could before. That’s why Searching4Hope is here. Our goal is to engage digitally with those hurting in our culture and turning to Google for their answers.

At FaithTech, we are passionate about pioneering new ways to share the good news in an era driven by technology. Searching4Hope is a project of FaithTech LABS, where we put our faith into action, creating Kingdom-minded solutions for real world problems. If you’d like to support this project, and others like it, visit here.

Current Projects

We live in an anxious age. Over 40 million adults in the U.S. (19.1%) have an anxiety disorder. Meanwhile, approximately 7% of children aged 3-17 experience issues with anxiety each year.

The website seeks to help people that are expressing their feelings of anxiety digitally, looking for help. The desire of this site is to help people learn and ultimately talk to someone that can help them in the midst of their anxiety.

In 2020, the opioid crisis claimed the lives of 4,395 people in Canada, and 68,630 people in the United States.

Many people are searching to buy drugs and other addictive substances on the Internet. Our goal is to own many domain names that have strong buyer intent.

When these buyers come to our sites, instead of finding information about how to buy the drugs, they are presented with options to choose a different path. They don’t have to buy those drugs. They don’t have to continue their paths of addiction.

Fentanyl overdose kills 100,000 people annually in the USA alone. That is sad. It is a drug that takes over your brain and becomes incredibly difficult to remove from your life.

The way to find fentanyl has changed since the digital revolution and now people find illegal fentanyl through digital channels. Our desire is to intercept those searching and provide a pathway to healing.

Our site includes resources such as “How to stop my dependence on fentanyl” and “Opioid misuse and addition.” Moreover, we have a path for people to talk to someone who can help.

It started with a number: 6,000. The number of times the phrase “how to kill yourself” is Googled every month in Canada. One of the top results is “7 painless ways to kill yourself.” When that reality was shared at a FaithTech Hackathon, a team of people with a desire to change that came together to do something. That weekend they worked to create a live website linked to helpful resources.

Within months of the website’s release, one of the team members discovered that, during a time of darkness, a friend had been searching for “how to kill yourself”. Through her search, this friend came to, with the message of “You’re not alone.” The hope she found helped her get through the night.

More recently with the challenges of this difficult season clearly in sight, hits on this website have peaked at over 18,000 per month. The digital world needs messages of hope more than ever.

Past Projects

The purchasing of sex is destroying the lives of people all over the world. This project helps people discover the truth about buying sex, providing the resources needed to overcome sexual addiction. Launched out of a hackathon in Vancouver, Canada, this project has successfully launched out of Searching4Hope and is now its own incorporated organization in Canada, receiving charitable funds to advance the work. You can visit for more information.

This web presence lays out the consequences of sexual addiction, the resources that can help, and most of all, provide hope for recovery and healing.

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